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Tuesday, December 09, 2003
One more song to add to the tracklist:
07.5 - Shawn The Horny Master - Scorching Moon

This song will always remind me of the stench in my dorm room for some reason. I like syncopation.
Tuesday, December 02, 2003
And now, this semester's "soundtrack"- songs that I feel accurately portray the feel of the last 4 months. (i.e. a list of songs that have been stuck in my head for more than one day at a time)

In chronological progression:
01 - good-cool - 19, November
02 - 290 - Paranoia Survivor Max
03 - dj TAKA - Foundation of our Love
04 - Megu with Scotty D. - Stick Around
05 - Chopin - Revolutionary Etude (Op. 10 #12)
06 - Smetana - The Moldau
07 - D.J. Spugna - Bad Routine
08 - TaQ - stoic
09 - RAM - LAB
10 - 190' + 2MB - Paranoia Rebirth + KCET ~clean mix~
11 - TaQ - Karma
12 - Konami V-Rare Soundtracks 6 - Mugen Kidou
13 - Hirofumi Sasaki - The least 333 sec.

01: I had moved in to campus on 19, August. So I felt it would be appropriate to play 19, November on my IIDX 6th Style a few times before going off to the retreat that night.
02: Around this time, I had seen the IIDX BGM for PSM, and was also attempting to pass that song for the first time in DDR. It was on my mind for the longest time.
03+04: I had a thing for a few IIDX 8th songs for some reason. Around this time, everything was good-cool in my life.
05: Now I begin to get tired of same old routine and crave something new in my life.
06: Once the melody of this song kicks up, you'll really feel it. Unadulterated misery.
07: I managed to get a bootleg copy of EX CS- this was on it. That game was a breath of fresh air for me.
08+11: As all emotion fades away, all that remains is heavy percussion.
09: I was inspired by the IIDX BGM for this song, too. That seems like me- run around, run run run...
10: Everyone needs a little paranoia in their life.
12: More heavy percussion! (Mugen Kidou = Infinite Loop)
13: This song sounds Christmasy, real calm... then TL100sec comes back in the middle. Good times.
Thursday, September 25, 2003
Finally, sorta kinda updated my webpage. Not that it matters or anything, because right now Angelfire is being a total ass about page suspensions. Oh, I think I know why now- a few times this month, a worm hit my page again, causing one hour's bandwidth to jump to 100+MB. I am alloted 1GB transfer, and I think that's for the whole month. Lose about a third of that to some middle school drop out pizza face brat and what do you get? Fifteen consecutive 24-hour suspensions! Good job, you little wanker! There's hope for you yet, flipping burgers for less than minimum wage in a foreign country after you get deported!

Today is Six Day. I'm 6666 days old now. I don't really feel much eviler. Well, maybe a tad.

(reread last paragraph) Okay, maybe a bit more than I thought.

Still gotta update the discography page... pft.
Sunday, September 21, 2003
Current overall psychological climate: unmotivated.

Cokemusic update.
Old score: 9.70782%
326:1, 205:1, 1349:1
New score: 10.4903%

On Thursday, I will be exactly 6666 days old. I will be 6666 2/3 days old at exactly 9:11 pm. How 'bout them apples?
Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Went to Naperville again. Got my friend John lost for a while... I noticed there's a strange third survivor character in Genom Screams being chased by BOTH Survivor Bob and Legendary Max. Read about it here.

Beat Club ver. oni course. Destroyed it. Got three errors: the pad missed the first step of Celebrate, then I got one good in Luv to me Disco, then completely let one arrow go by in Genom Screams. Hah.

Got AAA #7: bag- Beginner: 8x Boost reverse dark stealth. Woo leet follow teH lead3r. The down-arrow animation is way off sync. Somehow I still managed to AAA it, with many witnesses. Oh, now I see the camera DID work. Next song: PSMOni. Talk about tempo shock. Going from 32BPM at best to 580 is goodtimes. I still can't beat it. I guess that means either another week of nightmares, or I just accept the fact that I can't do it. (Having played it only about 6 times on my feet REALLY helps me out a lot. Thanks so much, Rockford Cyberstation's DM for being a dickhead and not upgrading. Great place, but the district manager, now EX-manager, was a jerk to the maxX.)

PSM Oni? PSM Owned Me.
Sunday, August 31, 2003
Almost forgot to add:
Old score: 9.00788%
Ugly-as-hell Sprite CD case: 130:1
New score: 9.70782%

I went home for the weekend. I got much better sleep now than at school. Mmm waterbed.
Friday, August 29, 2003
Tired + Busy + Unmotivated = College so far

Walking to and from all of my classes is hell. Next week I'm riding a bike. Busy, because in this week I think I've done more homework than I did my entire senior year of high school (which still isn't that much in the first place). I don't even have the motivation to make a DWI of my re-edit of PSM. That's SAD. Getting up in the morning is difficult.

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