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Thursday, July 31, 2003
Check out my evil creation- a Pop'n Ghetto controller.

More awful download stats: 7/31 1 AM: 4022 downloads, 32.97/hour. It's probably because right now the files are listed by upload queue. Since I got all my files in early, they're at the back. Not to mention that with no comments or ratings section, people are only judging songs by their title. Romeo & Juliet from IIDX 6th has nearly 700 downloads in 12 hours. That's almost as much as my 45 files get in a single DAY. *grumble grumble*

Downloaders' favorites are still MAXXX (262) and V Another (203), but Trigun Intro has taken over Fhqwhgads's 3rd place with 190DL. Statistically, there have to be a few good DWI collectors roaming those pages, but I swear that what causes those huge spikes are anime whores and arrow whores. Throw a MAX onto something, you'll double your download rate. Survivor gets you +50 bonus. "Sakura" triples your karma. Anime gets you a steady stream of downloads and fanmail.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Depressing download statistics as of 7/29 2 AM: 2918 downloads. Average of 38.9 per hour. Favorites still MAXXX (188), V (Another) (155), Fhqwhgads (141).

I want to make a Pop'N controller using the circuit board from a PS controller, and a little elbow grease and a good idea or two. I bought a POS used controller for $5, and started to unscrew the back. I found that one screwdriver that had the torque was a little to big, and one that was just right but didn't have enough torque- those screws were sunk right into the plastic. I got six of the eight out, but the two left got stripped really bad. I took a chance and just ripped the shell off, and ended up cracking the board in two. Damn lack of screwdrivers...
Monday, July 28, 2003
Okay, maybe I didn't update the page the next morning. It kinda turned into... 10PM, plus three hours, the next day.

Download statistics as of 7/28 1 AM: 2280 downloads. Average of 45.6 downloads per hour. Hey, that's almost one of each simfile each hour. And that's BEFORE I linked up my site to the new file locations. My most popular files include: MAX/XXXimum (152 DL), V Another (114), Fhqwhgads (100). Those are the only three in triple digits. Sakura Another is 4th with 98 DL. Afronova Survivor, one of my more popular songs on the old BMSims, has 91.

V Another owns you. As if that wasn't obvious enough from the second bar.

Oh hell, I just realized I only have *45* released files. DWI#32 is "Top Secret". That means I *am* averaging over 1.00 downloads per sim-hour. (Sim-hour is hours times sims.) Yesss I feel so accomplished.
Friday, July 25, 2003
I uploaded all my stuff to Bemanistyle. That's 46 of your favorite DWI and BMS files. Locked up my 1.4Ghz computer for a solid six minutes before I could upload #46, V Another. Tomorrow I'll get up bright 'n early (before 10 AM) and revise the links on the page. Hopefully. In the meantime, just follow that link.

I wish I could take a movie of me AA'ing V Another... the triple-note smash is just too fun.
Thursday, July 24, 2003
Whole bunch of new files. I uploaded banner images for R10K, TSJ, and V (Another). Wrote info about those three plus Indigo Vision and Pi R Squared.

I think it's official: the results after 58 votes show that 32 (55%) voters want to see me do SAKURA MAX. The revenge of MAX came in a depressing second with only 14 votes. The other two Paranoias mustered 12 votes together. I think Paranoia is dead for a while (cough Survivor). Why is it that Sakura is so popular? Is Max burned out for now, or were people really let down by the official step? Anyway, "rumored" tempo for SM will be 320-333, and there might even be a SM-Survivor that's even faster. Hah. I haven't even started on the songs yet- no real inspiration or time- but trust me, they'll come. And they'll get hosted. To the max.

Some fun background information about the songs:

Pi R Squared: Someone mentioned in a TM4 review that the entrant might as well have entered the digits of Pi into their DWI file's step pattern. I thought, hey, that's a good idea. On top of that, I HAVE the soundtrack to a movie named "Pi". How strangely appropriate. Furthering the coincidence, the first track, which I planned to use anyway, was 1:31, and required zero editing, save for nailing the BPM. Changing all 5's to B's (DWI can't handle them), I was playing this song within 15 minutes of coming up with the idea. After I finished playing the song in DWI, I heard the results-announcer, then a continuation of the track. I completely forgot that at the end of that and a few other tracks, the main character from the movie speaks a few lines. This track happened to include "One. Mathematics is the language of nature." (While looking at your stats screen. Too nice.) Too bad the song didn't have 314 steps. It did have 308... Pi is an awesome movie...

V (Another): Made it just this morning. I was drifting in and out of consciousness before getting up- not quite fully awake or asleep. These conditions are absolutely perfect for having strange, vivid dreams that you can easily recall. I remember having some friends over, and one was trying to play BMR's V Heavy. He had his hands moving between three sets of keys, and he always failed about 10 or 15 seconds in. I sat down to play it, but another friend showed up... gah. That's it. I'm making BMR's V edit even harder. One special note I want to add- I was feeling rather evil at the time and added in a few 3-step smashes. Max combo is 1170-something with only 864 steps. Ouch.
Sunday, July 20, 2003
After hearing from NMR that I really don't have to turn in my TM4 Set 6 reviews today, I felt quite relieved. I've been so busy lately, and had a serious lack of motivation to even touch any of the remaining songs, that I couldn't get 'em done at all. All the good songs were in Bracket 2.

I was so relieved, that I made three DWI's. Completed two of 'em, third still needs BG/banner. R10K (with correct kanji), The Strong Jaeger (with correct characters), and Indigo Vision (f.f.h.a. mix). As I was making the background and banners, work called and asked if I'd come early. Spiffy. I wish Bemanisims would reopen so I could upload all my crap...
Friday, July 18, 2003
So much to do, so little free time...

I went to play EX in Janesville Tuesday, and played so much I overslept the next day. Now I have to make an effort to get up before 11, because my body thinks it's not time to go to bed until 1 or 2am. Due to so much crap going on right now, I have laid out post-it notes on my slidey keyboard drawer thing (keyboard never fit in there, hah) to remind me of what I need to do...

(yes, I know numbers skip, that's because I have irrelevant notes there)
Things I need/want to accomplish:
A1. Try to get through judging the remaining Set 6 files for Tournamix 4. (A must-do)
4. Update website- change links at top to small banner links. Make a '5th Mix' image. I'm tired of associating myself with 4th mix.
6. Add a page about my very own writing system, Tarenian. I've had it for about four years.
7. Finish code on an update (V.7-B) of the DWI Evaluator.
8. Make new DWI's. Songs include: Tangerine Stream, V (techno remix), R10K, The Strong Jaeger, SAKURA MAX, The revenge of MAX, .59 Another, Leading Cyber Another. I doubt half of these will get done. (R10K and TSJ will feature their correct Japanese titles, but be listed under their English titles. I love special characters.)

I need to get to bed... hope you have enjoyed my first journalistic cyber post. No new news, because I'm uber busy with TM4 stuff.

9. Make a "Bad Pun License", because the Bad Pun Police are gonna get me real soon.

Tonight's sleep music: QUIET MUSIC /Steve Roach. A masterpiece. I never seem to stay awake through 5. Air and Light, though...
Thursday, July 17, 2003
(which is technically archive material, anyway)

10JUL03- Added a second counter that I'm testing out, since I am unhappy with how Bravenet has revamped their look. I want to see how many hits I get per day! That feature doesn't exist anymore, at least to my knowledge...

09JUL03- Just got internet back after four and a half days. The storm that hit the area on Saturday morning at 4:30 AM. Bemanisims is STILL down, and I created a new poll. The two Paranoia songs just have tempos given; catchy names will come later when I actually feel productive. I think I know which will be the favorite out of that list already.

29JUN03- Created Difficulty Evaluator. Click to learn more. I have two new BMS files waiting around, but Bemanistyle is down. To the max. Gahhh...

14JUN03- Added widescreen by Vanessa-Mae and Nahanaha vs. Gatchoon Battle by DJ Senda + Tiny K. Widescreen is a BMS file- the music had too much potential for a BMS to pass up. As for Nahanaha, it's been sitting in my folders for three months, so I figured I might as well release it since I doubt I'll ever fix it up.

04JUN03- Added Blueberry Stream by dj TAKA. I was gonna add Light and Standard steps to this, but got diverted.

18MAY03- Added one more BMS file, North Easter by Cusco. It's just more fun with seven keys.

17MAY03- Two more BMS files: Klungkung 1655 by simon, and Healing Vision -Angelic Mix- by 2MB. Yummy.

14MAY03- Two new BMS files: bag by Reven-G, and Beethoven Virus by Banya. Whee. Finished uploading ALL my files (even the retired ones) to BSD. All links on this page will point to their respective files on BSD, and the Retired DWI section will be abolished. Hooray! Bad news is that I don't think I'm gonna be doing much in the way of DWI's for a while... burned out from uploading to the MAX. Files are now sorted by order of creation.

12MAY03- New DWI-to-BMS port, Atmosphere by The Lithium Project with Steve Beecham. This song is just meant for Beatmania. Also started uploading songs to Bemani Sims Database (BSD) for hosting. If all goes well, there will come a point when I host ALL my files on BSD, and there won't exist a 'retired DWI' section!

11MAY03- I'm beginning a series of From-BM98 ports, leading up to an 8-stage, single-artist course: ROAD OF PARAOKA. Stage #7 released: Abandoned Cyber.

10MAY03- No new DWI's, but I do have a BMS file now. GET BM98. My first BMS: Free Fall by David Lanz.

28APR03- No new DWI's, but IVKAS link was moved to Ollec's server. He's hosting the files- big thanks to him. I also put up a profile page. Read all about me. Ok, I lied- new step edit for Sync by Outphase.

15APR03- v1.0 of IVKAS skin completed! Unfortunately, it's so large that TWO of my DWI's had to be taken down. Check out the ABOUT page.

14APR03- All the files are back up, plus my Kakumei edit. IVKAS power. (That's "four" "kahss" as in "costume").

I'm also amidst creating a BM-style skin for DWI, called IVKAS. Screenshots: n/a

12APR03- Added new step-edit for DXY! by TaQ. This is not a remix, just additional challenge steps. Also edited /ex/ddr1 to filter all traffic here. Seems like all the search engines have dropped links to this page and added some to that one...

09APR03- Added new song Dancin' Into The Night by good-cool. I was listening to his "Super Collection" megamix and knew this song would make a good-cool DWI. Behold. Added a discography of every DWI I've made. Also, I was so bored in school I designed the Step Sphere. You know you're curious...

08APR03- Added two new songs- The X-Files Theme by DJ Dado and Free Fall by David Lanz. Free fall is another Keyboard Mania type song- not something you'd want to dance to. This genre adds a new and refreshing dimension to the game. The X-Files Theme is the alternative for people that want mindless techno. I'm planning to get a few more KM/sleepy songs, and make a course. Not only do you have to deal with five (or more) really slow songs, but you have to stay awake through them, too! I also denoted two songs, Sakura and Maxx Paranoia to be "Classics"- songs that I don't plan on taking down anytime soon.

06APR03- Hooray. After one whole month, my site is now functioning normally. In total, the hacker had no effect on the site, other than costing me about 1000 hits, dropping from 70 hits a day to about ten for a month. In other news, this site has been updated to match /ex/ddr1's songlist. I removed the 'Potential' list and added in the 'Queue' list. Songs with this status are ones I have remixed and plan to make steps for (unlikely).

09MAR03- Recently, /d20/ddr1 was flooded by some wannabe hacker. My site registered 156MB/hour bandwidth usage for 18 hours straight. Needless to say, that site will be suspended for bandwidth usage indefinitely (read: months, perhaps until April 1). Go back to your Counter Strike game, you n00b- a real hacker would have messed with the index.html page!
I'm back online, and with a new song: Tetri net by Kiai. Synth-tacular melodies with a strong percussion line. I love it. Check it out.

05MAR03- Added new song HEIWA HAKAI by dj NAUX. It's a very peaceful, yet disturbing song, so I named it such. I would have liked to create more of a melody line, but it just didn't sound right.

11FEB03- DWI INTERNET RANKING COMPETITION- I plan to have a Konami-style IR session in the near future using sets of my songs listed below. Take the poll below and tell me if you think this is a good idea or not. Rules and info coming soon.

10FEB03- A challenge for site visitors: Just as arcade machines unlock as people play them, I will do the same. When I get to 3000 hits, I will unlock the special song. Tell all your friends to come visit my site and make that counter spin!
Also, check out my new guestbook (below) and statistics page (at bottom). Now you can leave messages.

09FEB03- New song uploaded! DROP OUT Survivor by SE312. Three new DWI's in three days- scary. In other news, I'm replacing all blue links with banner images. It'll look a whole lot prettier. Be warned- the banners featured are in PNG format, and I've heard rumor that not all browsers can handle it. Future plans for this site: A Links page, and a page explaining all the "artist names" on here. Pretty soon I'll have more artist names than Naoki! Just kidding.

08FEB03- New song uploaded! era (dual mix) by TaQ. This version was used in Beatmania IIDX. Slightly modified. The Heavy step pattern is simple on feet once you figure out the pattern, and know how to do 450° pivots. Also, at the tempo drop in the middle of the song, the spins symbolize revolution- the beginning of a new... era.

07FEB03- New song uploaded! Tempest by Jesse Cook. Probably the first DWI where I haven't been sick of hearing the track after designing the steps.

There have been over 80 page suspensions in the last 28 days totalling over 200 hours. That averages to a little over 7 hours a day that people can't access my site.
Bandwidth Issues <-- Bandwidth Use <-- Fans. Keep up the good work, guys.

06FEB03- 2200+ hits and counting. I don't think I'm paying as much attention to this site as I should be.
No DWI's under construction at the moment... Older DWI's not linked here are still available by request. And that's about it.

09JAN03- Alright! 1000 hits!
Mirror 2 is down, now. I give up. But everyone knows that breaking mirrors is bad luck. The files that are taken down will still be available by request- just email me. Not like anyone would want them...

02JAN03- Argh. Busted. Mirror 1 got TOS'ed. All files that link to /d20/ddr20 are down, but /ddr22 (Mirror 2)is still going strong. I think I'm going to get more sites at different domains so this doesn't happen again. In other news, I plan to replace the blue links below with mini-banners.
Please use the feedback button below to suggest to me sites where I could put my files up for public download. This TOS nonsense is getting out of hand.

15DEC02- Got another account, so I can host more stuff with (hopefully) fewer bandwidth issues. Added a few songs to my 'wish list' at the bottom.
This is a test.

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