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Thursday, September 25, 2003
Finally, sorta kinda updated my webpage. Not that it matters or anything, because right now Angelfire is being a total ass about page suspensions. Oh, I think I know why now- a few times this month, a worm hit my page again, causing one hour's bandwidth to jump to 100+MB. I am alloted 1GB transfer, and I think that's for the whole month. Lose about a third of that to some middle school drop out pizza face brat and what do you get? Fifteen consecutive 24-hour suspensions! Good job, you little wanker! There's hope for you yet, flipping burgers for less than minimum wage in a foreign country after you get deported!

Today is Six Day. I'm 6666 days old now. I don't really feel much eviler. Well, maybe a tad.

(reread last paragraph) Okay, maybe a bit more than I thought.

Still gotta update the discography page... pft.
Sunday, September 21, 2003
Current overall psychological climate: unmotivated.

Cokemusic update.
Old score: 9.70782%
326:1, 205:1, 1349:1
New score: 10.4903%

On Thursday, I will be exactly 6666 days old. I will be 6666 2/3 days old at exactly 9:11 pm. How 'bout them apples?
Wednesday, September 03, 2003
Went to Naperville again. Got my friend John lost for a while... I noticed there's a strange third survivor character in Genom Screams being chased by BOTH Survivor Bob and Legendary Max. Read about it here.

Beat Club ver. oni course. Destroyed it. Got three errors: the pad missed the first step of Celebrate, then I got one good in Luv to me Disco, then completely let one arrow go by in Genom Screams. Hah.

Got AAA #7: bag- Beginner: 8x Boost reverse dark stealth. Woo leet follow teH lead3r. The down-arrow animation is way off sync. Somehow I still managed to AAA it, with many witnesses. Oh, now I see the camera DID work. Next song: PSMOni. Talk about tempo shock. Going from 32BPM at best to 580 is goodtimes. I still can't beat it. I guess that means either another week of nightmares, or I just accept the fact that I can't do it. (Having played it only about 6 times on my feet REALLY helps me out a lot. Thanks so much, Rockford Cyberstation's DM for being a dickhead and not upgrading. Great place, but the district manager, now EX-manager, was a jerk to the maxX.)

PSM Oni? PSM Owned Me.

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